Kollektiv #000 | About Us
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We are Kollektiv Hexaschwarz

There is creativity in every one of us. It influences our future, is our breeding ground for personal and social innovations and is what makes us unique.

unlock & collide
For us, “unlock & collide” means freeing ourselves from all external influences, unfolding our inner world without uncertainties and creatively colliding with other worlds.

Kollektiv #000 (pronounced Hexaschwarz) organizes cultural festivals for young artists of all kinds to express themselves with and through their passion. We mostly deal with social topics and give a message to each of our events.

In addition to the participants from our diverse community, artists from outside are also invited to join us and become part of our movement. You can apply with a concept idea, which we will work out together if necessary. Our community is also there to offer the artists knowledge and skills sharing. Creativity, but also cohesion are our first priority.

Our cultural festivals are not classical cultural festivals. They only take place once a year, are exclusive and last two days. The art is interactive, there are foods and drinks, workshops related to the theme, calm oases where you can exchange ideas with artists and/or other visitors and much more. Every year we come up with something new so that the visitors can always have new, exciting experiences and are not only entertained, but also inspired. The atmosphere is relaxed, open and cosy. At our events, the focus is on inspiring artists and visitors alike.

In addition, we are happy to support other creative, inspiring projects all year round with all our means.