Kollektiv #000 | About Us
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We are Kollektiv Hexaschwarz

Meet Kollektiv #000 (Hexaschwarz).

There is creativity in every one of us. It is our future and what makes us unique.

Everyone is creative in his or her own way without even noticing it. So, why not give everyone the opportunity to develop creatively?

unlock & collide

For us, “unlock & collide” means to free ourselves from all external influences, let our inner world unfold without shame and fear, and collide creatively with other worlds.

Kollektiv #000 has made it its mission to develop and support the creativity in each of us. Once a year we have made it our task to undertake a social topic in the form of an exhibition to let the theme unfold. It doesn’t matter who is an artist, because everyone who wants to contribute something to the topic is welcome to communicate in their own unique way. This can be in the form from installations to film, to dance, poetry, drama, and of course music. Everything is allowed. The only criteria is that the art should touch, inspire, and exchange among one another in addition to the visitors. At our events it is always very important to us that both artists and visitors feel inspired and comfortable.

In addition, we are happy to support other creative, inspiring projects all year round with all our means.

Hi I am Hannah and together with Anna one of the two founders of the project Kollektiv #000. I was responsible for the design and created it as part of a university project in a course. It was originally a fun project where we wanted to combine exhibition and party. We invited all our friends, acquaintances and fellow students to join us in this exhibition. From the very beginning, it was clear that we wanted to deal with social issues and to make our visitors fascinated by the topics and make them reflect.

We organized our very first event at the end of 2016 in a small group on the topic of Generation Y, which had the title “I AM Y”. At the end of 2017 our group grew and we got together with the techno organizer “Tanz Dich Hai”, who was responsible for the afterparty. In 2018 both organizers tried themselves in a new project – Collide Art Festival. Due to different interests both parties separated again and the project Kollektiv #000 should go back to the roots.

For the sake of simplicity, I’m now the only one in charge of project #000. Together with a team of old and new members of the #000 community, exciting exhibitions will continue to take place. Always a little more optimized and unusual. It is a passionate project for me, because it has always been my dream to move society with important, profound topics through culture. It would be really beautiful if at some point we could work together, through creativity and culture, to influence our society so that our world becomes a better place.