Kollektiv #000 | About Us
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Kollektiv #000 (pronounced Hexaschwarz) is a fluid community of creatives in any kind of artistic expression. We believe, there is creativity in every one of us. It is the breeding ground for personal and social growth, which secures our future. With this objective, we offer the space for creative exchange.

unlock & collide

„unlock and collide“ means for us to feel comfortable to open up and be inspired as well as to create new worlds by colliding with other creatives.

So what do we do?

Our network of talented and open-minded individuals invites you to grow together with us. Find your creative partner in Crime at our get-togethers, be inspired by other creative perspectives, find support in your creative development!

Collide Now!

Together with our community, we take any platform we can think of, on which we may creatively engage with social topics. Or we simply organize our own cultural festivals! At these exhibitions, we cross the boundaries of the concept of a traditional exhibition and invite our visitors to interact and form our discussions with us. In this calm and intimate environment we can learn from each other and transform ourselves.

In addition, together with our community we are happy to support any project that needs a creative and new perspective.